We recommend our solutions to logistic companies in all cases when use of fixed racking is not practical due to cargo’s size and type. Our proposal is to use foldable and portable pallet on the basis of which a forklift operator can build high capacity rack. Cargo can be then moved on our pallet inside the warehouse or to another destination by truck. Without anchoring. Without damaging the floor.  Just with use of standard forklift.

Great advantage of our system is ability to build, relocate and discharge stock.  It brings high level of flexibility to all companies facing high seasonality.

Arcom’s solutions are used by logistic companies handling for example: tyres, wheels, rims, bikes, quadds, doors, windows, long goods (tubes, profiles). Warehousing and transport from manufacturing plant through logistic center and further distribution is performed on our racks.

For all logistic companies maintaining own fleets we recommend our racks for tyres and wheels.

We offer active co-operation in the scope of design and customization of steel pallets for warehousing and transport of your goods.